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Video Intercom – Wired Intercom (EV-KD8102-V)

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• Video intercom function
• Self-adaptive light supplement
• Access control function: supports multiple door opening modes
(card, room No. + password, indoor station, and room No. + duress code)
• Auto-uploads the alarm message to the client or the master station after
opening the door by entering the room No. and the duress code
• HD video surveillance (Max. resolution 1280 x 720 @ 25 fps, WDR 120°wide angle)
• Issues cards via local station function
• Auto-uploads captured pictures to FTP or client software while unlocking the door
• Door magnetic alarm and tamper-proof alarm function
• Noise suppression and echo cancellation
• IR detection
• Remote upgrade, batch configuration, and upgrade via USB flash disk functions


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