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Find Out Why They Love Our Products

Excellent service the company did two projects for me and they did them professionally in a time sensitive matter.

Furthermore they are always accessible and will go out of their way to help you out. Once they have provided you with the product they will provide excellent product support to ensure on going continued service and loyalty.

I was very happy with the service and will recommend it to all my friends


The business I work for had an emergency situation with our alarm system that was monitored by an out of province company. I had called about 13 other companies, most of which were not willing to come even look at it, and the ones that were wouldn’t be able to come for at least 2 – 3 weeks. The guy made an effort to come see us as soon as he possibly could and came within one business day. He resolved this issue fairly quickly once he was in. He was very friendly and gave a clear explanation of the work he performed and what the issue was. They charges a very fair rate as well. Would recommend this company for your alarm system needs!

Logan Roberts

I’ve used Camera4U twice and had Sam both times. He was fantastic! On time, fast but always took the time to make sure things were done perfectly. Highly recommend.

Sam Patel

The cameras are really good and they are affordable. I would personally recommend for companies and houses. Great job

Siddharth Chadha

I asked him to repair my home electric problems for 5 times since last year. He is always honest and hard working person. Absolutely he is reliable.

Steven Nagabuchi

Security Camera 4 U did like 7 project for me all time they did very good job, Happy with the excellent service. Reasonable pricing and very professional while doing the job . I highly recommend the service.

Dhwani Shah

My company contracted Prit to install several sets of cameras, some server equipment, and several TVs, all connected by long cable runs. Prit was professional, efficient, and cost effective. Will definitely seek out his help next time we’re in the area!

Alex Gershanov
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